🗳 ️Let’s vote for the new tAssets on Twindex!

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since the last time new tAssets were added to Twindex so it’s high time that we consider adding more!

We have shortlisted interesting assets for you. Let’s share an opinion on which one you want to see the most! We opened a poll here https://twitter.com/twindexcom/status/1451087990160171010.

In order to make your decision precisely, here’s the bite-size info we wrapped up for you:

BRK.B — Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Cl B

INDUSTRY — Diversified Holding Companies
SECTOR — Business/Consumer Services

Interested in buying into Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway? While the BRK.A costs as much as $432,495 per stock, you can buy the BRK.B at more than 1,500 times lower at $287 per stock.

Despite the outage incident on Oct.4 that affected 2.89 billion MAU worldwide, Facebook still manage to deliver an 18.94% return since the beginning of the year, while its 12-month returns are up by 22.17% YoY.

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QQQ — Invesco QQQ Trust Series 1

Technology — 57.34%
Consumer Services — 19.43%
Consumer Goods — 8.69%
Health Care — 6.47%
Industrials — 5.84%
Telecommunications — 1.14%
Utilities — 0.87%
Basic Materials — 0.21%

Apple Inc. 11.26%
Microsoft Corp. 10.10%
Amazon.com Inc. 7.78%
Alphabet Inc. Cl C 4.18%
Facebook Inc. Cl A 4.04%
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Too many good stocks to choose from? The Invesco QQQ ETF is a popular exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks the Nasdaq 100 index and its holdings are dominated by big technology-related companies, such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

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CHF — Swiss Franc


It’s unarguable that lower volatile assets like currencies are investors’ favorite investment alternatives. Vote this one if you’re looking for a new stable staking pool!

Once again, share what’s on your mind here https://twitter.com/twindexcom/status/1451087990160171010, and stay tuned for the new tAssets announcement!

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