Dopple Ecosystem: DOPX Burned — 27 Jan 2022

Hi everyone, it’s time for our update! Our team is aware of the current situation regarding the DOPX supply. Therefore, we decided to decrease the total supply of DOPX by burning.

Special Announcement — Actions Towards DOPX Supply Control

As mentioned, we are well aware of the current situation of DOPX supply that has increased significantly in the past three weeks and result in the decrement of token value.

In order to mitigate this problem, we will make adjustments as follows:

  1. DOPX emission rate is decreased to 0.0015 DOPX per block, To reduce inflation of DOPX supply
  2. Removed DOPX from circulation

● Total DOPX burned: 45,173,864,639.591874301786625767 DOPX

● Transaction ID (TXID) for DOPX burn: View Transaction

For current recovery plans, our income from Dopple fee will be used to mitigate by buyback and burn DOPX

Until next time!
Dopple and Twindex Team






-- — Best Rate Stablecoin Exchange | — First Synthetic Assets Exchange on BSC

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Dopple DeFi Ecosystem

Dopple DeFi Ecosystem — Best Rate Stablecoin Exchange | — First Synthetic Assets Exchange on BSC

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