Dopple Ecosystem: Monthly Update Article- 1 Mar 2022

Hi everyone, here comes our monthly update! Due to the current situation, we acknowledge your concerns about the how-to recover the price of DOPX. Unquestionably, we are not complacent about the problem that happens. We are in the midst of finding all possible solutions that can recover the price and decrease DOPX supply.

Last month we already burned 45 billion of DOPX, which is able to be found at

We are pleased to announce that we will bring Diamond Hands Pool back! All DOPX holders will be eligible to earn part of our profit as a shared reward which will be distributed as KUSD. This pool will come in a short while. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

There is another topic we would like to introduce. We decided to use BTC as our main reserve instead of USDC. As we all know that Bitcoin is much more suitable, especially in the long term and this uncertain moment. Moreover, storing BTC as a reserve will also help us in the recovery plan. If the price of BTC is on the rise, it will help us to recover faster.

We will inform you of the exact schedule soon.

Until next time!
Dopple and Twindex Team





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