Dopple Ecosystem: Weekly Update — August 30, 2021

Dopple DeFi Ecosystem
3 min readAug 30, 2021


Hello Community,

We’re getting closer to the rollout of Twindex 2.0 after having successfully launched the DOPX migration and our KUSD stablecoin.

The achievement of KUSD gives us much confidence for the success of our upcoming fractional-algorithmic synthetic assets (tAssets). We’re now ready to take the lead in revolutionizing the outlook of synthetic assets trading in the DeFi space.

Here’re what else you need to know:

Our Updated Roadmap

Our roadmap has been updated. See more here:

DOPX Has Been Listed on Coingecko

Our new token, DOPX has now been listed on Coingecko.

Dopple Finance Joins the Binance MVB III Program

The program takes promising BSC projects to the stars & helps them grow into stable, reliable & valuable parts of the BSC ecosystem. We’re looking forward to being part of this journey!

TWIN > TWX Migration

The migration plan for TWIN > TWX was published and will be executed accordingly on Tuesday 31 August 2021. Please refer to this schedule:

dAssets Holders

If you minted dAssets earlier:

  • We strongly encourage anyone who minted dAssets and sold them already to come back and close your position by buying dAssets to redeem your DOLLY collateral back. If your dAssets are currently on discount, this is a great opportunity to redeem with minimum cost.

If you are holding premium/discounted dAssets:

  • We’ve brought most premium dAssets back to the oracle price, please consider selling/redeeming your assets
  • We’re closing the gap between the discount and the oracle price

TWX logo will be revealed later tonight so please stay tuned!






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