Dopple Ecosystem: Weekly Update — August 9, 2021

Hi everyone,

We are getting closer to our next wave of the product upgrade release! A big thanks to all of you that have been with us patiently. In this article, we would like to share some insights as well as the progress of our upcoming products!

The Impact of the New Dopple Stable Router

The upgrade to our new router engine on Dopple Finance has already paid off! Revenues from swapping fees have nearly doubled since the release of Dopple Finance 1.1 last week. For liquidity providers this means higher APYs, across all stable pools since the swap engine is now routing through multiple pools, increasing usage of liquidity across a variety of pools.

Top 10 Binance Smart Chain Exchange

With a total trading volume of $1.15 bn, we are currently ranked 7th of the Top Binance Smart Chain Exchanges on DappRadar. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to climbing higher together!

DOLLY v2 Stablecoin Progress

We are now in the testing phase of our new DOLLY v2 stablecoin, which will be fractional-algorithmic. We are also preparing migration documentation which you can expect in the coming days, along with some major update announcements. Please stay tuned and follow us here on Medium as well as on Telegram to stay informed!

Twindex 2.0 Progress

USDC vs DOLLY v2 Poll Results

In an initial announcement, we stated that we’ll be using USDC as the stablecoin collateral to mint new synthetic assets on the upcoming Twindex 2.0 launch. Our community raised some concerns, which is why we’ve created a poll. The result was clear and the decision was made: We’ll use DOLLY v2 for the launch of Twindex 2.0, which will enhance our ecosystem and create a new use case for our native tokens.

Updates on dAssets

As many of our supporters are encountering the premium/discount price of multiple dAssets on, we’d like to commit to everyone that there will certainly be a plan for current dAssets holders. Please rest assured that we’re working on a fair solution, which we will confirm and share timely!

Thank you for your continuous support,
Dopple Finance Team






-- — Best Rate Stablecoin Exchange | — First Synthetic Assets Exchange on BSC

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Dopple DeFi Ecosystem

Dopple DeFi Ecosystem — Best Rate Stablecoin Exchange | — First Synthetic Assets Exchange on BSC

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