Dopple Ecosystem: Weekly Update — October 18, 2021

Hi everyone, here comes the weekly update every Monday. Despite the hard and challenging times we are experiencing, our team is doing business as usual and working even harder on the partnership side to strengthen and sustain our business. Here are some key highlights for this week:

🤝 Two Big Partnerships in Progress

We are discussing with two big players locally and globally as well as some other solid platforms that would enhance more use cases of our stablecoin KUSD. Due to the NDA, we couldn’t spoil much at the moment but can’t wait to give you some tease. Stay tuned!

🔥 TWX Burnt

As informed earlier that the platform fees will be used to buy back and burn TWX in order to decrease the excess supply from the flash loan incident, yesterday we burnt around 627,237 TWX and will continue to do this regularly and get back on track ASAP.

See the transaction:

🛣️ How’s the Next Move Be Like?

We’re aware of all your concerns regarding the current situation, especially the drastic drop in DOPX and TWX prices. As a big picture, we are working on getting every issue fixed gradually— refunding dAssets, getting Twindex audited, securing investor’s capital with insurance, buying back and burning more tokens, and attempting to pitch our project to investors and chains. We got everything covered and will keep you posted on every step.

In parallel, one of the strategic moves is to partner with the highest-potential chains and introduce and engage ourselves to each community while getting grants is a big plus. Here’s an example which you can support us by sharing your opinion in the forum: Thanks for your support as our forum has the highest engagement ;)

Until next week!
Dopple and Twindex Team



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