Dopple Ecosystem: Weekly Update — September 20, 2021

Hello everyone! It’s undeniable that the past week has been a prime time for both Dopple and Twindex. We’re glad and thankful for your positive feedback and response to the launch of Twindex 2.0. Let’s see our recap.

Weekly Recap

We launched Twindex 2.0 with a bang! as it has instantly created more use cases for KUSD, DOPX, and TWX, making us the CoinGecko Top Gainers last weekend as well as created noises across the DeFi communities.

Twindex has been mentioned/featured in many tweets and articles which helped create more awareness. As a result, we’ve onboarded over 1,000 new users to our community! See also our marketing achievements;






Have you visited Apeboard recently? Our Twindex banner is featured on Apeboard for 15 days until the end of September. We’re working aggressively on expanding our market and onboarding new users with multiple strategies!

We are now an official partner of Chainlink and will work closely with them to bring more assets from around the world to you!

We’ve finally conducted the first international AMA on the Twindex Telegram community where our management team came to share our vision/mission and business strategies for the first time.

Everything shared was well-documented and our team will divide an hour-length content into multiple bite-size articles which we’ll share with you soon.

Later in the week, we had a second AMA at IM Community to promote Twindex to the Vietnamese market.

As we are seeing more stability in our testnet with our unique fractional-algorithmic mechanism on higher volatile assets, we are gradually deprecating the old dAssets once its price reaches the oracle price as part of the migration plan phase 3. Please stay connected with us to not miss any announcements.

Until next week!
Dopple and Twindex Team



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