Dopple Ecosystem: Weekly Update — September 6, 2021

Hey guys,

As we wrapped up August with a lot of updates and product launches, the past week was mostly focused on the migration and preparation for the upcoming launch of Twindex 2.0 along with a few great achievements! Let’s recap shall we?

Welcome to Dopple Academy

Dopple DeFi Academy went live last Friday on our Youtube channel, which aims to facilitate onboarding our users. The first four episodes were released! Please check them out and let us know what more you’re keen to learn :)

EP.1 — How to Convert DOP to DOPX
EP.2 — How to Convert TWIN to TWX
EP.3 — How to Find Dopple Finance Legacy Pools
EP.4 — How to Find Twindex Legacy Pools

Dopple’s First International AMA Took Place

Last Friday we held our first AMA with one of strongest DeFi communities in Vietnam. We strategically chose Vietnam to expand our market, since DeFi growing rapidly in this market and offers opportunity for us to capture this demand. We’ve onboarded nearly 500 new members to the community since then, please welcome them in our Telegram Group!

Dopple Finance Total Trading Volume Reaches $1.2 Billion

After four months of operation, Dopple’s total trading volume has reached $1.2 Billion and counting! We’re very proud of this achievement! Help us spread the word with a retweet on Twitter.

KUSD Supply Hits 2 Mio!

This past weekend we celebrated 2 million total supply within 2 weeks for KUSD. Now as we’re writing this article, it has already surpassed 2.7 million! Please be aware that the more $KUSD is minted, the more $DOPX is burned from the market, which in result will drive up its price and demand!

New KUSD Quick Mint Feature Launching Tomorrow!

We’re launching an exciting new product feature for our stablecoin KUSD! Starting from tomorrow, 07 Sept. 2021, users will be able use the Quick Mint Mode to mint KUSD.

How does it work and why is it so awesome?

The Quick Mint Mode makes it incredibly easy to mint KUSD by using USDC with one click only! The mechanism behind this feature automatically purchases the necessary ratio of our DOPX token to successfully mint the new stablecoin. This makes is easy for new users to mint KUSD while also driving the purchasing power of the DOPX token, which eventually will drive up its demand and price.

Twindex 2.0 Testnet is Coming!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be launching a Twindex 2.0 Testnet, which will be accessible for users to throughly test the platform and revert feedback to us. This will help us optimize the platform and make sure we’re delivering a fully functioning end product! We’ll share more information on the Testnet very soon!

Please note that this will shift Phase 2 of the Migration Plan to the second half of September.

Important Announcement Regarding the Scammers Who Forked Our Community

Please note that this is a FAKE Dopple Telegram community. Our team will NEVER EVER come up with such a campaign that asks for your money first. Please be very careful and leave and report that group. Thanks for your support!

Until next week!
Dopple Team



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