Hello everyone. It has been a while since we began the journey of Dopple DeFi Ecosystem in March 2021 which we are glad to be of service to thousands of DeFi users across Binance Smart Chain. There were many things we have done over the past year to enhance our user experience.

let’s have a recap of what we have been doing so far.

Launched Dopple 1.0

Our core product, Dopple Finance, was launched at the end of March 2021 as a decentralized stablecoin exchange on Binance Smart Chain. It was designed to enable users to efficiently swap stablecoins with minimal slippage and low transaction fees.

In parallel, we also launched our own stablecoin, DOLLY, which is a 100% asset-backed stablecoin, pegged to the USD, as a medium of exchange on our platform.

Launched Twindex 1.0

Three months later, Twindex was released as a synthetic assets exchange to become the portal for all users who want to trade global stocks, commodities, and foreign currencies which pegged real-world assets in a decentralized environment.

Set up Hellonext

During the start-up phase, we have received a great numbers of valuable feedbacks and recommendations from our community across platforms. So, we adopt Hellonext as a hub to collect and manage all precious advice.

Thanks to our community we’ve gathered valuable feedback, which helped us improve and innovate our platform in all aspects including features and tokenomics. We are proud to declare that “community is the foundation of our success”.

Upgrade DOLLY to KUSD

Our stablecoin DOLLY was evolved with the goal to increase its reach and utility in the crypto space beyond our ecosystem. We’ve upgraded DOLLY to KUSD, a fractional-algorithmic stablecoin, which will change its minting mechanism to be partly collateralized (using stablecoins — USCD) and partly algorithmic (using DOPX tokens), making it extremely stable and highly scalable, while decreasing the DOPX token supply, which will drive up its value.

Dopple Finance 1.1 — New Router, New Pools & Pegged Assets

Since we have been operating Dopple Finance for some time, we were ready to introduce Dopple Finance 1.1 which allows users to swap through multiple liquidity pools and automatically find the best rate possible.

Most importantly, revenues from swapping fees had nearly doubled since the release which benefits all stakeholders and liquidity providers that earn higher APYs since the swap engine routes through multiple pools, increasing usage of liquidity across a variety of pools.

Total Trading Volume Reach $1.15 bn on Dopple Finance

Three months after Dopple Finance was released, Total Trading Volume throughout the platform finally reached $1.15 Billion!!

Join Binance Labs Incubation Program for Fall 2021 & Binance Most Valuable Builder III

We were officially joining the Binance MVB III Program. This was a great opportunity to be a valuable part of the BSC ecosystem.

Total Trading Volume Reach $1.2 bn on Dopple Finance

After four months of operation, Dopple’s total trading volume has reached $1.2 Billion and counting! We were very proud of this achievement!

KUSD Supply Hits 2 million

The total supply of KUSD has reached over 1.3 million within five days since its first launch and reached 2.7 million in total supply by only 2 weeks!!

Deployed KUSD Quick Mint Feature

This feature was built from the recommendation of our community. The Quick Mint Mode makes it incredibly easy to mint KUSD by using USDC with one click only! The mechanism behind this feature automatically purchases the necessary ratio of our DOPX token to successfully mint the new stablecoin. This makes it easy for new users to mint KUSD while also driving the purchasing power of the DOPX token, which eventually will drive up its demand and price.

Launched Twindex 2.0

Twindex 2.0 was the largest upgrade since its release, utilizing innovative Fractional Algorithmic Assets to operate the new synthetic assets exchange. We are confident our new innovative solutions will disrupt the synthetic assets market and solve existing issues.

It has instantly created more use cases for KUSD, DOPX, and TWX.

Deploy Twindex Trading Page

To make the trading experience more immersive than ever, we will have a new trading interface where you can buy/sell tAssets with Mint, Redeem, and Trade functions with tAssets info including a graph, all in one page.

Expanded to Harmony One and Fantom

We’ve already created a solid base to further expand to greater opportunities. Dopple Finance was scaling up to the next level by becoming a part of Harmony One and Fantom. It was the first step to enable Dopple Finance as a cross-chain exchange, allowing us to further expand to various high potential blockchains in the near future where opportunities await.

Decreased minting and redemption fee of tAssets

We have decreased the fee of minting and redemption of tAssets to facilitate users in several manners. All investors, traders, and arbitragers throughout the platform will get benefit from this adjustment.

Dopple Finance Got Chainlink On the Rise Winners

In November 2021, Dopple Finance team was participating in an event called “Chainlink Fall Hackathon 2021” with an aim to draw attention from strategic partners and investors. We are proud to present our project, Universal USD (UUSD), which is designed to solve problems that are generally found in stablecoins nowadays including transparency, capital efficiency, and stability.

Universal USD is a fraction-algorithmic stablecoin that uses native token and stablecoin to collateralize its value to mint on any Blockchain.

That was a good start to promote our solution on a larger scale. We are now ready to present Universal USD as “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS)

Dopple Finance 2.1: Stablecoin DEX Aggregator

Regarding our purpose which aims to allow all users to swap their stablecoins at the best rate, we do not limit ourselves to be a decentralized stablecoin exchange and route internally solely no more.

Conversely, Dopple Finance 2.1 is deployed and it will enable us to provide the best rate than ever. Dopple Finance will be transformed to be a Stable DEX Aggregator starting from integration with Nerve Finance week. Likewise, integration with more platforms such as ACryptoS and Ellipsis Finance will be implemented in the early this year.

What to Expect in 2022

To thrive in the competitive market, we will continue working intensively to develop in all aspects. The first thing that you may see is Dopple Finance 2.1 which integrate more route to enable users to swap stablecoin at the best rate.

Until next time!
Dopple and Twindex Team






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