Dopple Ecosystem’s Monthly Wrap-Up — August 2021

Hello Everyone,

It’s already September! We are extremely excited about what is coming ahead and we can’t wait to see the upgraded Dopple Ecosystem as a whole!

This is a special article we plan to publish on a monthly basis on top of the weekly update articles to look back on our milestones that we and our community have achieved together! You bring out the best in us! Let’s see what we’ve been through :)

August 5, 2021 — Introducing Dopple Finance 1.1

We upgraded Dopple.Finance with a new routing engine that offers more stablecoin swap pairs to users and makes our platform the best stablecoin exchange on the Binance Smart Chain. No BS ;)

Most importantly, revenues from swapping fees had nearly doubled since the release which benefits all stakeholders and liquidity providers that earn higher APYs since the swap engine routes through multiple pools, increasing usage of liquidity across a variety of pools.

Read more about Dopple Finance 1.1

August 13, 2021 — DOPX was born

The DOPX logo

The DOPX token was launched to replace the legacy DOP token in order to serve “Fractional-Algorithmic” mechanism of our new KUSD stablecoin.

August 18, 2021 — KUSD, Dopple’s Native Fractional-Algorithmic Stablecoin Launched

The KUSD stablecoin logo

One of our flagship products, the KUSD stablecoin, has been launched in the following week. We were very excited to see how it performs under the fractional-algorithmic mechanism. Until today, it has never lost peg from $1 — this says everything :)

Along with the launch of the KUSD, we’ve also added two more stablecoins to the platform namely USDN and TUSD, allowing Dopple to have over 9 stablecoins to swap so far.

August 24, 2021 — DOPX Listed on Coingecko

In less than two weeks after the DOPX token was launched, it’s been listed on CoinGecko. This is an impactful move for us indeed as we’ve been receiving tons of business proposals since then to further bring the platform to the world stage.

August 28, 2021 — Dopple Finance Officially Joins the Binance MVB III Program

We are officially joining the Binance MVB III Program. This is a great opportunity to be a valuable part of the BSC ecosystem and we’ll give our best to the program!

August 31, 2021 — The TWX Token Launch

The TWX token logo

The last upgraded token to migrate, the TWX token, has successfully been launched following the DOPX token and the KUSD stablecoin.

Last But Not Least!

The updated product roadmap has been released! Our team takes your feedback very seriously and we do our best to deliver top-notch products and won’t stop improving.

This has been promising one-month progress! Feel free to reach out to us in our community to share your feedback or any questions.

Until next time!
The Dopple Finance Team






-- — Best Rate Stablecoin Exchange | — First Synthetic Assets Exchange on BSC

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Dopple DeFi Ecosystem

Dopple DeFi Ecosystem — Best Rate Stablecoin Exchange | — First Synthetic Assets Exchange on BSC

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