Dopple Ecosystem’s Monthly Wrap-Up — September 2021 💎

Hi Everyone,

Before kicking off Q4 with all the exciting new products we have in line for you 🚀, we would like to do a quick recap of September and share some key milestones with everyone!

Dopple Academy was launched on Youtube, with the first few videos focusing on facilitating existing users to migrate to our new home. For future episodes, we will focus more on educational content so that everyone gets a better understanding of the platforms and onboarding new people to the ecosystem where our product suite fits everyone.

What’s the point to have the best tokenomics in the world when the burning mechanism is still difficult to use?

That’s why our team was rush to roll out the Quick Mint Feature, allowing everyone to mint KUSD (and of course tAssets) smoothly with one click 👆

Similar to DOPX, TWX has been listed on Coingecko in no time (few days after submitted) which helps us onboard over 1k members to the Twindex Telegram Community! 🎉

We’re working on submitting our three tokens to as many websites/exchanges as possible to build more awareness globally and grow our community even more!

Twindex 2.0 was rolled out in the mid of September and since then it’s proved to be a huge and successful upgrade from the v1! Investors can now trade synthetic assets on the fractionalize algorithm with the price pegged to the oracle powered by Chainlink. 🤝


Although September was extremely volatile and the bears are strong in light of global events that occurred, our fractionalized stablecoin KUSD and tAssets remain on the peg. This stress test proves that our fractionalized algorithm works well allowing our clients to trade in confidence on real-world assets in the DeFi.

In the past month, we’ve been conducting several different AMA roadshows regionally, to expand and collaborate with our global & local partners in BSC, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

In case that you missed our previous AMAs, here’s the recap;

👉 BSCDaily AMA Recap

👉 CyptoZyte AMA Recap

Not forgetting to mention, Dopple and Twindex were featured in plenty of crypto media such as;






Strategic partnership kickoff completed with Chainlink and Pacoca.Io.

Our Next Move … 🔜

September gives us so much confidence with our products. We’ve already created a solid base to further expand to greater opportunities. Ethereum, Solana, Dopple Hyperchain, you’ve heard them already, but who knows what else is around the corner ;)

As for marketing, we continue our strategies to expand our market. Partnership and token listing are those among the pipelines. As we are partnering and conducting more AMA around the world, feel free to share with us if you know some of the interesting communities in Latin America, Africa, Europe, North America, India, and Russia, or contact us directly at

We will also introduce the Dopple Ambassador Program (DAP). Our DAP is one of the key pillars in which we will drive global adoption. We believe that marketing and customer service are extremely important as well as partnerships in both integration and education. An example would be to work with lending platforms to collaborate with them locally so users can maximize their yield.

Through our current community and strategic investment partners, we are closely looking into localization innovation opportunities to develop better products/features to gain better yields. Email us to get more information, let us understand where your strengths and ideas so we can get creative to design better solutions!

Let’s see how would October wrap-up be like 🚀
Dopple and Twindex Team






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