Dopple Finance on Harmony — What You Can Expect

According to yesterday’s announcement that Dopple Finance is expanding to the Harmony ecosystem, we’re happy to share more with you about what exactly we are deploying in the first phase as well as how you could become a pioneer to help us build our platform on the Harmony ecosystem. Let’s get started!

The First Phase

In the first phase, we only enable the swap and deposit features. The first group of stablecoins that can be traded on the Harmony network are KUSD, USDC, USDT, and BUSD with two liquidity pools, most likely, that will allow you to add liquidity and become a liquidity provider to earn part of the trading fees. Farming pools will not be added yet.

The first look at Dopple Finance on Harmony

FYI: Harmony network accepts bridged assets from Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. To differentiate a single token on Harmony, the symbol “bsc” and “1” is added in front the token symbol.

For example, 99 USDT from the BSC will become 99 bscUSDT when on the Harmony whereas 99 USDT from the Ethereum will become 99 1USDT when on the Harmony.

Learn more — How are assets mapped between Ethereum and Harmony?

Getting Ready

Wallets That Support Harmony

The first thing first is to have your wallet ready on the Harmony network. It’s important to know what wallet can and cannot be used on the Harmony. Famous wallets like Metamask, Safepal is eligible while Trustwallet and Ledger Nano X are not supportive on the network. You can also use the harmony’s native wallet, 1wallet as well.

Please refer to this documentation to check if your wallet is eligible so that you can proceed further with the setting up.

To add a custom RPC endpoint on Metamask, click here

Horizon by Harmony (Bridge)

Once you have the wallet set up, you can now easily bridge assets between BSC-Harmony via

We are now in the final process of deploying Dopple Finance on the Harmony. Please stay tuned!

Support Us on the Harmony Forum

Good news! We’ve applied for the Harmony Grant campaign. Our team has carefully reviewed the requirements and decided to join the “100 Ports” category. You can support and help us gain more visibility by giving us like and commenting in the post here The selected project will be sponsored up to $200k to scale up the project 🚀

Expanding to the Harmony is part of our strategic moves to partner with global platforms across the DeFi space to promote our project to the partner’s community through co-marketing activities and eventually, create mass adoption for the KUSD stablecoin.






-- — Best Rate Stablecoin Exchange | — First Synthetic Assets Exchange on BSC

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Dopple DeFi Ecosystem — Best Rate Stablecoin Exchange | — First Synthetic Assets Exchange on BSC

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