Twindex 2.0 - Revolutionizing Synthetic Assets Trading on The Blockchain

- Twindex 2.0 will launch on 16 September on both BSC Mainnet and BSC Testnet
- BSC Mainnet will have 3 tAssets — EUR, JPY, and XAU
- BSC Testnet will have 9 tAssets from Twindex 1.0 dAssets
- TWX emission rate is going to be reduced by half soon
- More assets, trading page, dashboard page will become available in a few weeks after the launch

Twindex is having its largest upgrade since its release, utilizing innovative Fractional Algorithmic Assets to operate the new synthetic assets exchange — Twindex 2.0. It is expected to launch on September 16.

Traders can trade synthetic assets (tAssets) with prices close to the real-world price using KUSD, a fractional algorithmic stablecoin, and TWX, the Twindex platform token. KUSD has been released for 3 weeks as part of the Dopple DeFi Ecosystem and has not lost its peg since. There is no liquidation, no KYC, and you can further earn yield by farming your assets.

The Twindex 2.0 mainnet release will be launch with three assets — XAU (Gold) and two new assets — EUR, and JPY! We will be gradually releasing new tAssets to ensure that the new innovative fractional-algorithmic mechanism is functional as expected under real-world circumstances.

Spoiler alert: tAssets version of Twindex 1.0 dAssets and more stock tokens are coming!

To make the trading experience more immersive than ever, we will have a new trading interface where you can see charts, mint tAssets, or trade tAssets — all on the same page. This feature is expected to be released a few weeks after the launch, as well as user dashboards. We also have the feature to use KUSD to mint tAssets directly (called Quick Mint) and the system will do the rest.

At the same time, we will put all existing Twindex 1.0 assets on the Testnet and battle-test with extreme cases and more volatility. We will provide test KUSD and TWX tokens so that you can play with the ecosystem without using real assets. This is also a great chance for investors who want to experience the great advantages of DeFi trading. Note that tAssets swap might not be available on Testnet. When assets on Testnet are proven to work, we will shift them to the mainnet — optimistically in a few weeks post-launch.

If you want to join the hype, you can learn more in the documentation or get the TWX token here. TWX tokens will get burned when tAssets are minted. TWX circulation will decrease even more if TWX is provided as liquidity across liquidity pools! More partnerships and listings are around the corner so this might be a good time to get on the wagon. (We will be reducing the emission rate of TWX soon so it’s a good time to farm!)

With our mission to be the most innovative and accessible synthetic asset exchange platform, we are driving Twindex 2.0 to its new glory with more to come!






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