Twindex Important Announcement — 22 September 2021

As we have been monitoring the migration process from Twindex v1 to v2, there are issues that the price is not viable for selling. We would like to deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

To make sure that we could minimize as much damage as possible, we would like to revise the migration as follows;

  • We will be liquidating all positions that are not redeemed by October 31, 2021. This is to make sure that no collateral will be left on the old platform and incentivize users with mint position to redeem.
  • Check your mint position here
  • We will still conduct plans to provide liquidity for each pair one-by-one. This is meant specifically for users with minted positions to swap with low price impact. The list of remaining dAssets pairs to be provided with LPs will be announced later after the dTSLA migration.
  • After October 31, we will liquidate those positions ourselves and will use the collateral received from liquidation to provide liquidity as well as making the dAssets price on the peg. Users who swap dAssets could sell their dAssets here. The date and time for each dAsset will be announced later.

Should you have any concerns, please reach us through the support button on the website to make sure we will not lose your message and keep track of your concerns.