Weekly Update with New Partnership Announcement — 25 October 2021

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4 min readOct 25, 2021

Hello everyone! It’s more exciting than usual as we’re thrilled to spoil you our partnership with privacyswap.finance to release the crypto debit card for the first time!

Most content in this article will be covered with details you should know about the card and later on we’ll walk you through what has happened in the past week. Let’s get into this!

Introducing the PrivacyCards! 💳

A new crypto debit card brought to you by Dopple Finance and PrivacySwap, allowing you to directly spend your crypto assets with anything, anywhere, anytime! 🥳

Why Can’t You Miss This Opportunity?

The PrivacyCards allow you to purchase anything online/offline directly with your crypto assets without having to sell them into fiat first.

*Due to the NDA, the card issuer cannot be revealed until the official launch. However, they are a global company that any payment is accepted everywhere in the world.

How It Works

This is not just your regular bank-issued debits cards because you can fund it using your digital assets.

The funds that you withdraw are the value of the tokens that are already in your Metamask wallet

(Metamask acts as an online banking application where you can always top-up your assets here).

Any transaction can be paid with your crypto assets as we build the bridge that directly swaps from crypto to fiat instantly at the time of purchasing.

This is the ideal solution for users to spend their coins/tokens conveniently in real-world transactions everywhere.

Terms and Conditions:

1️⃣ User pay the $100 entry fee (Discounted from $130 — Dopple Finance helps to subsidize $30 for every user)

2️⃣ An annual fee of $60 is applied from the second year onwards (the fee is waived for the first year)

3️⃣ Stake two tokens worth $600 for 12 months (fixed) at Dopple.Finance with the following details;

📍Stake DOPX (Dopple Exchange token) worth $350

📍Stake PRV (PrivacySwap token) worth $250
(Learn more about the Privacyswap token or PRV here)

The staking process will be very simple as we will design the quick-staking button where you only deposit $600 in stablecoin and the system will automatically purchase the required tokens for you

If interested, submit your preliminary interest here: 👇https://forms.gle/8PVsmWC5ryBqW2fm6

Please note that this is not the final registration form. The debit card is expected to be delivered by the end of Q4/2021 and more details are coming soon so please stay tuned!

  • Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Else for the Weekly Update This Week!

🚀 DOPX Got Listed on CoinMarketCap


Probably the longest waiting for us all and yet it’s happening! DOPX is now listed on CoinMarketCap last weekend, resulting in a drastic increase in community members and holders! Hold on as we are also constantly following up with the KUSD and TWX listing!

💰 More Rewards For PancakeSwap Pool!

To celebrate our listing on CoinMarketCap, The multiplier of DOPX-BNB and TWX-BNB on the PancakeSwap pool were increased to 300X and 50x respectively! Enjoy farming 🥳

💯 Our Community Has Spoken! New tAssets Are Coming!


Based on the poll we ran last week, it’s obvious what assets are coming to Twindex this week! Please stay tuned for an official listing announcement!

Until next week!
Dopple and Twindex Team






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