Dopple Ecosystem: Weekly Update Article — 1 Nov 2021

Special Announcement — Actions Towards DOPX Supply Control

  1. DOPX emission rate will be increased by 10 times. On average, this should increase APR by a lot. We believe this emission might reduce the minting DOPX from redemption and hence the supply is better controlled
  2. KUSD-BUSD-USDC LPs farm will be increased to 300x
  3. DOPX single pool farm will be decreased to 5x
  4. All other stablecoin pools farm will be reduced to 10x

What Else From the Past Week

Dopple Finance x PrivacySwap — The PrivacyCards

Trading Synthetic Assets Just Got Cheaper!

  • Minting Fee: from 0.3% to FREE
  • Redemption Fee: from 0.7% to 0.3%

Stay Tuned for the New tAssets of the Week

Twindex Is Onboarding Certik for Security Check



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