Hello everyone. The New Year holiday season is approaching and, on this special occasion, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022. We hope you all will have a wonderful time during this long holiday. Our team will handle the rest 2 weeks with these 2 improvements for both Dopple Finance an Twindex.

So, what to expect before the end of 2021?

Meta LPs is Going Live on December 22, 2021

As we gave an introduction to Meta LPs in the previous article, this time, we would like to provide a more detailed explanation about how Meta LPs work in pictorial format. Let’s take a look.

Although the infographic above has shown the processes of Meta LPs, there will be a support document to describe them in detail. Documentation is available to be discovered at https://docs.dopple.finance/twindex/synthetic-assets-tassets/meta-liquidity

Dopple Finance 2.1: Stablecoin DEX Aggregator

Regarding to our purpose which aims to allow all users to swap their stablecoins at the best rate, we do not limit ourselves to be a decentralized stablecoin exchange and route internally solely no more.

Conversely, we are deploying Dopple Finance 2.1 which will enable us to provide the best rate than ever. Dopple Finance will be transformed to be a Stable DEX Aggregator starting from integration with Nerve Finance this week. Likewise, integration with more platforms such as ACryptoS and Ellipsis Finance will be implemented in the early next year.

Stay connected to find out, what will happen in 2022.

Dopple Finance x PrivacySwap — The PrivacyCards

In partnership with PrivacySwap, we bring to you the crypto debit card that allows you to purchase everything with your digital assets seamlessly. Our partner has much progress and will be able to reveal more details to you soon. The registration of your interest is still opening, register now https://forms.gle/8PVsmWC5ryBqW2fm6

Until next week!
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