Hello everyone, welcome to the Weekly Update. As we all know that there was a cryptocurrencies market fluctuation during the past week. We hope you are all well and safe from the volatility. For this week, we already summarized what were happening on Dopple DeFi Ecosystem last week.

Let’s get start.

Buyback and Re-collateralization are now available

Here, new features are unlocked. As the Collateral Ratio changes, it will make the current ratio of USDC and DOPX used to back KUSD off. To maintain the ratio, we incentivize anyone to help make the ratio of USDC and DOPX correspond to Collateral Ratio. All users are now available to Buyback and Re-collateralize.

Let’s try at https://dopple.finance/buyback

Study more about Buyback and Re-collateralization at https://docs.dopple.finance/kelly-usd-kusd/buyback-and-re-collateralization

Boost your rewards at KillSwitch

Our single TWX farm pool is now boosted at KillSwitch. “Boost” feature is designed to encourage users to enjoy higher rewards compared to the initial pool. Let’s generate more profit at https://app.killswitch.finance

Learn how to “BOOST” your rewards at https://medium.com/killswitch-finance/boost-feature-landing-on-15th-november-d797737dabeb

Hurry up, extra bonus is only available until 15 December 2021. Don’t miss out!

tGBP — Pound Sterling is now live

With reference to our research, majority of users on Twindex prefer to provide liquidity on non-volatility LPs as a means to preserve the wealth during a bear market. Hence, we would like to introduce tGBP which will allow liquidity providers to stake in KUSD-tGBP farm pool. The reason we decide to launch tGBP is that GBP/USD is known as the second most stable forex pairs after EUR/USD, this will help our investors to gain profit with low risk.

Again, tGBP is now tradable and farmable on Twindex.

Twindex join ‘Ask Me Anything’ session at Crypto Blasters

On the last Saturday, we joined the AMA session with Crypto Blasters. It was a great pleasure to introduce our platform, Twindex, to a number of audiences in an international community.

If you would like to see how was it going, please feel free to access via https://t.me/Crypto_Blasters/317981

Dopple Finance x PrivacySwap — The PrivacyCards

In partnership with PrivacySwap, we bring to you the crypto debit card that allows you to purchase everything with your digital assets seamlessly. More information is coming soon. For now, you can register your interest in this form https://forms.gle/8PVsmWC5ryBqW2fm6

Catch you next week!
Dopple and Twindex Team






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