Dopple Ecosystem: Weekly Update Article — 8 Nov 2021

Dopple DeFi Ecosystem
3 min readNov 8, 2021

Hi everyone, the weekly update is here! Before we start, we would like to quote last week's introduction statement as follows —

“Our team is well aware of the current situation regarding the DOPX supply. Therefore, despite the regular wrap-up, we also come up with the latest announcement”. — Read the full statement here

which, at that time, reflects the overall situation of Dopple.Finance and the DOPX token. Today, 7 days later, we’d like to share the latest outcome regarding the last week’s announcement as well as some other stuff for you!

What Happens Since the Emission Rate Has Been Adjusted

We’ve seen the positive sign of an overall situation since the emission rate of the DOPX token has been adjusted last week. Platform’s TVL has increased drastically due to the higher APR (as much as 60%) in the KUSD LPs.

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The total supply of KUSD also increased back to almost one million again. That’s an over 100k increase from last week which eventually reflects in the DOPX price as the more KUSD is minted, the more DOPX is burnt.

We continue to monitor the situation closely. Please be informed that further adjustments might be taken to deal with the real-time situation better.

An Official Partnership with KillSwitch

On top of that, we also announced our partnership with KillSwitch, a smart yield farming aggregator that allows investors to stake their LPs and earn even more rewards.

Please refer to the images below:

Dopple Finance Pools
Twindex Pools

Learn more about KillSwitch and accelerate your earnings now at KillSwitch.Finance

Multiple Partners In Progress To be Announced Soon

We are also working proactively on partnering with aligns on the BSC to enhance the use of KUSD. Spoiler Alerts — one of them is using KUSD for options trading ;) Stay tuned for official announcements soon!

Dopple Finance x PrivacySwap — The PrivacyCards

In partnership with PrivacySwap, we bring to you the crypto debit card that allows you to purchase everything with your digital assets seamlessly. Our partner has much progress and will be able to reveal more details to you soon. The registration of your interest is still opening, register now

Until next week!
Dopple and Twindex Team






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